Top Ten Weight Weenie Upgrades for Road Bike

We often get customers asking "I've already upgraded to a carbon clincher wheelset - so what's the next best weight reduction upgrade?". So, we've compiled this handy list of the best gram-fighting upgrades that money can buy for your road bike;

1. Cane Creek eeBrakes G4
Now in their 4th generation, eeBrakes are still the quintessential brake upgrade for weight weenies in the know. This update features minor aesthetic changes and boasts a stiffer spring for better modulation/return in internal-routed frames with tight cable bends. Performance is up there with top-tier OEM brakes - despite halving the weight. We carry both regular mount and direct-mount versions.

Typical OEM brakes - 360g
Cane Creek eeBrakes G4 - 169g
Weight Saved - 191g

2. Berk Saddle
Handmade in Slovenia, Berk are an easy choice for weight weenies in the market for lightweight saddles  Available in a variety of shapes to suit most positions. Hardcore riders can even opt for a full-carbon saddle (ie: no padding). Our customers always comment how surprisingly compliant these saddles are - and we couldn't agree more. We carry the oval-rail variants which are rated up to 100kg rider weight.

Typical OEM saddle - 250g
Berk Lupina Padded Saddle - 90g
Weight Saved - 160g

3. Darimo T1/T2 Seatpost
Darimo is a fairly new vendor but is already making big splashes in the weight weenie community. Hailing from Spain, their T1 and T2 seatposts are both ultra-lightweight and ultra-customizable. Riders can completely custom-spec their seatpost, choosing 3K or UD carbon, gloss vs matte finish, post length, and decal colour. Available in straight and 25mm offset. Also check out the MCFK Carbon UD Seatpost.

Typical OEM seatpost - 250g
Darimo T1 Seatpost - 95g
Weight Saved - 155g

4. MCFK Carbon UD Stem
MCFK (how cool is that brand name) utilized FEM stress-calculations when designing this totally rad full carbon stem. The end result is a highly sophisticated, German-engineered, uber-lightweight product. Highly sought-after by weight weenie aficionados. Available in -6 and -17 angles. Also check out the Extralite Hyperstem.

Typical OEM stem - 150g
MCFK Carbon UD Stem - 86g
Weight Saved - 64g

5. Carbon-Ti X-Plug Expander
Known for their insanely beautiful carbon-titanium-blend chainrings, Carbon-Ti from Italy also make a very neat expander plug for your fork. A seemingly forgotten part, this is an easy way to save 30 grams off your bike. The X-Plug tends to be more "re-usable" than other ones so you can keep this headset expander for other builds down the track too. Also check out the Extralite Ultrastar 3.

Typical OEM compression plug - 45g
Carbon-Ti X-Plug Expander - 14g
Weight Saved - 31g

6. Carbonworks Cages
These bottle cages from Carbonworks Germany are both beautifully shaped and extremely light. We've tested these cages for thousands of KMs and they've held up perfectly. The organic shape is unlike most other cages on the market and very aesthetically pleasing. We carry the slightly heavier plastic-coated version for extra durability (a 3g penalty over their record-breaking 5g raw version).

Typical OEM bottle cage - 50g (x2)
Carbonworks Cage - 8g (x2)
Weight Saved - 42g (x2)

7. Darimo Ellipse Carbon Handlebars
Possibly the lightest production road handlebar in the world right now. Featuring a popular compact bend (77 reach/128 drop) and available in 3 widths (40/42/44). Again, these are handmade-to-order, so riders can specify the finish/decals and even choice of carbon. Despite this jaw-dropping lack of grams, the Ellipse bars are rated to 110kg rider weight.

Typical OEM handlebars - 250g
Darimo Ellipse Carbon Handlebars - 122g
Weight Saved - 128g

8. Extralite Streeters
Quick release skewers are a classic weight weenie upgrade, however riders should beware any cheapo no-name skewers - they tend to fail unexpectedly and are therefore actually quite dangerous. Enter the Extralite Streeters - large milled levers with eccentric clamps that even out clamping pressure. Made from aerospace-grade titanium, ultrasonically tested, aesthetically pleasing AF and 100% safe to use.  

Typical OEM QR skewers - 120g
Extralite Streeters QR Skewers - 30g
Weight Saved - 90g

9. SRAM RED XG-1190 Cassette
As 11-speed drivetrains feature (more-or-less) the same chain spacing, riders can freely utilize cassettes from other brands. We especially like the RED XG-1190 cassette from SRAM. Sure, it's a little more pricey vs Dura-Ace or Ultegra, but it's reportedly more durable and weighs significantly less. SRAM call it the stiffest and lightest cassette they've ever produced.

Typical OEM cassette - 250g
SRAM Red XG-1190 Cassette - 167g
Weight Saved - 83g

10. Tubolito Tubo Road Tubes
Anecdotally, reduction of rotational mass is generally regarded to produce the most perceivable effect - which is why most people suggest upgrading your wheelset first. But you have thought about upgrading your tubes? We've seen some stock inner tubes weigh in excess of 125g! Regular lightweight tubes weigh in at around 80g, Tubolito takes it to the next level with their phenomenal 38g bright orange road tubes, claiming real world functional appeal and twice  the durability of a regular butyl tube.

Typical OEM tube - 125g (x2)
Tubolito Tubo Road tube - 38g (x2)
Weight Saved - 87g (x2)

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