Look Keo Blade Carbon Pedals (2018)


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The Blade brings together all the benefits of a blade pedal: crisper in and out clipping, better foot support for more security, aerodynamic shape and low weight (compared to a conventional spring system). The platform contact area has been enlarged, providing excellent pedaling stability.

Blade technology uses a blade instead of a conventional metal spring, which has many advantages for the user: Safe cleat entry/ release: the blade flexes, providing a firm hold once clipped-in, and when clipping-out, releases the foot faster at the end of the process in a quick and secure movement. An aerodynamic shape: thanks to the integration of the blade inside the body, pedals equipped with BLADE technology have the best aerodynamic shape ever created. Low weight: the design of the pedal around a blade system allows a significant reduction in weight and better load distribution.

Maximum power transfer: to answer the desires of some of the most demanding cyclists, notably competitors, the pedal and cleat system must allow efficient power transfer through a broad and rigid contact surface. Because of this, the Blade Carbon platform surface is covered with a 64mm wide, stainless steel plate that has been molded into the body and optimizes, regardless of pedaling style, the over 400 mm² cleat/pedal contact area.

A more aerodynamic integrated composite blade pedal
Quick and secure clip in / clip out
Maximum optimised stability and power transfer
Application: Road
Body: Carbon
Spindle: CroMo+
Thread: 9/16 x 20mm
Bearings: 1 Ball Bearings, 1 Needle Bearing Cartridge
Spindle/Sole height: 14,8mm
Pedal/Crank distanze: 53mm
Clip-out tension: 12nm/16nm

Kit Includes:
KéO BLADE Carbon Pedals
Cleats (Grey)
12Nm Blades (pre-installed)
16Nm Blades

Mfr Claimed Weight
288g (Pair incl. cleats)

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