Carbonworks Bottle Cage v2.1 - CCACHE
Carbonworks Bottle Cage v2.1 - CCACHE

Carbonworks Bottle Cage v2.1

The Carbonworks bike bottle cage was designed and developed specifically for high performance cycling and offers low weight and aerodynamic advantages. The bottle cage is fixed to the frame by two black anodized aluminum screws. The Carbonworks bottle cage consists of two carbon fibre composite tubes, offering high strength and excellent grip at a record weight. A plastic protective coating protects the underlying carbon fiber and improves the grip of the bottle.

Every Carbonworks bottle cage is handmade in Germany. Matching black anodised countersunk screws are included. Suitable for all standard size bidons.

Material: Carbon Fibre Sleeve
Bolts: Black Anodized Aluminum
Torque: 1.5nm (max)
Finish: Plastic Coating
Made in Germany

Mfr Claimed Weight
7.9g (cage)
1.5g (bolts)

NOTE: Sold as a single bottle cage.