SRAM Centreline Disc Rotor (Take-Off)

A "take-off" is an as-new part that was removed from a floor-stock bike, typically because a different part was specified upon delivery. These new take-off parts are sold as an one-off only, comes sans retail packaging, and is priced accordingly.

The new SRAM Centerline Rotor was designed to keep the center of friction consistent throughout rotation, thereby minimising vibration and offering consistent performance and a quiet ride.

Take advantage of the latest in SRAM disc brake rotor technology with the SRAM Centerline Rotor.

Cutting edge 2 piece design maximises performance.
Available sizes: 140, 160 and 180mm
Locking not included

Mfr Claimed Weight
117g (160mm)

Note: Sold as a single (1) rotor only. We have 2 units available.