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Cane Creek eeWings Crank Preloader

With the conception of our Cane Creek eeWings Titanium crankset we cut no corners, and our CNC-machined preload assembly is no exception. The Cane Creek Spindle Preload Assembly is equipped with a black aluminum spacer preload ring, a gold aluminum thread ring, and a titanium 2.5mm hex fastening bolt. We are so proud of this piece that we decided to design it to fit onto other 30mm crank spindles from SRAM and Raceface. Lose the plastic preload on your crankset, add peace of mind.

7075 Aluminum thread ring
7075 Aluminum preload spacer adjuster
Grade 5 Titanium 2.5mm hex fastening bolt
Fits Raceface 30mm Spindles
Fits SRAM 30mm Spindles

Mfr Claimed Weight