CCACHE Black Titanium Bolts

Our selection of black titanium bolts are lighter and more durable than OEM steel bolts. Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating improves corrosion resistance. Easy way to drop some grams + add style points to your build.

M5 x 16mm : suitable for replacing most stem faceplate and steerer clamp bolts
M5 x 20mm : suitable for replacing some steerer clamp bolts
M5 x 30mm : suitable for replacing most stem out-front computer mount bolts
M6 x 30mm : suitable for replacing most top cap bolts
M5 x 10mm : suitable for replacing most bottle cage bolts

GR5 Titanium
Tapered head
Highly durable PVD black finish

Mfr Claimed Weight

NOTE: Sold as single bolt only. It is highly recommended to apply medium strength threadlocker (eg Loctite) to the threads of bolts used in low torque applications. Please ensure the correct length/size of bolt is used, failure to do so could potentially have disastrous consequences.