Fidlock Twist Replacement Bottle

The TWIST bottle has revolutionized the bicycle bottle. Without a conventional bottle cage, this magnetic-mechanical bottle cage system offers a completely new freedom in handling and application possibilities.

Strong magnets automatically pull various products, center them and snap them into the base. The mechanical detent securely holds the module to the frame. This ensures comfortable handling and a firm grip - even under heavy load.

With a simple "TWIST", the TWIST modules are removed from the side of the holder. So even the narrow and small bicycle frames can be equipped with a bicycle bottle, which otherwise no conventional bottle holder fits.

Thanks to the modular set-up of TWIST, one interface offers many possibilities of attachment. All that is needed is one of the different bases and a module with a connector. The small TWIST bike base captivates with its minimalistic design. It is simply attached to the bike frame by using the two standard thread inserts. The universal TWIST uni base fits any bike frame profile by using flexible straps. The TWIST tex base, specially designed for sports and outdoor activities, can be attached to textiles.

The modular concept also enables TWIST to be expanded constantly and currently it contains various bike bottles as well as a universal connector. The TWIST uni connector allows for all soft plastic bottles, bananas as a little snack, or the rolled up rain coat to be integrated into the TWIST system.

600ml or 450ml bottle volume
Dishwasher safe
BPA-free polypropylene
Compatible with all TWIST bases

Mfr Claimed Weight

Note: Sold as a single twist bottle.