skingrowsback x CCACHE Plan B Nano Saddle Bag Bundle

Exclusive to CCACHE - we're offering the skingrowsback Nano saddle bag with some space-saving accessories. This bundle includes the Genuine Innovations Airchuck co2 inflator with cartridges, a Continental Race28 Light tube, and Schwalbe tyre levers (you just need one!) .The perfectly dialled discrete saddle pack.

The Plan B Nano mounts under the saddle and around the rails using the same 25mm strap with magnetic lever hook. The water resistant body features the a PU coated zip and 1000D nylon construction.

Inside the Nano, we deleted the elastic straps, just allowing enough space for a lightweight race road tube, a single 16g co2 cannister, a small inflator and a single tyre lever.  You won't be able to fit anything else - trust us, we tried. This low profile pack is only for the most dialled setups.

The Nano weighs 66 grams, a 20 gram weight saving over the Micron.

1000D Nylon exterior
300D Nylon interior
PU coated zip
YKK Zipper Pull
1x 25mm mounting strap with magnetic hook
Dimensions 110mm x 90mm x 25mm

Mfr Claimed Weight