Exposure Sirius MK9 Front + TraceR ReAKT Rear Light Set

The Sirius + TraceR MK2 ReAKT Pack is a premium package with high power in a compact front light that is as at home in either a road race or lighting the urban commute.  Combined with an intelligent and extremely lightweight rear light featuring Ambient Kinetic Technology (ReAKT) enables the light to automatically flare under braking and when entering areas of higher ambient light to create a contrast in brightness.

The perfect commuter light that crosses the boundaries of ‘to see’ and ‘be seen’ now at 850 lumens. For the rider who wants a minimalist light and a high output. An array of runtime options selected via the OMS can cater for different rides and conditions, whilst side illumination maintains safety throughout the urban jungle. Also featuring our DayBright pulse pattern, this slick unit lights up the streets both day and night.

LED Configuration 1 x White XPL2 |1 x Red XPE-R
Lumens Max Front:850 | Rear:75 (ReAKT 150) (Measured)
Battery Front:2900mAh | Rear:700mAh Lithium Ion
Runtime Front:1.5-36 | Rear:3-24 hours
Charge Time 4 hours
Weight Sirius MK9 84g | Tracer MK2 ReAKT 35g
Material Anodised 6063 Aluminium
Water Resistance IP6
Length Front:110mm | Rear:57mm
Head Diameter 28mm

Mfr Claimed Weight
84g + 35g