Eurobike Snippets Part 2

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eeBarKeep - Pretty obvious what this does but alloy construction + locking mechanism will make sure your bar tape stays tucked. Coming soon.

Chris King - Gulfesque colours in matte finish are the new colourways CK is introducing. Get matchy.

Tune Skyracer - Another carbon saddle? Not quite. Utilising a rare construction method utilising highheat and injection. 69g for this prototype. What is interesting is the rail shape. We wonder if the back design will provide less flex/comfort?

Tune Black Burner Textile Edition - Carbon spokes are so yesterday. Here Tune's concept is nearing production and utilises textile construction. 999g for this set of MTB wheels. Unknown territory in-terms of how textile spokes will ride but what is interesting is Tune's claim that the white will remain white because the material is tensioned so high that it is no longer porous and hence no dirt can get into it. 

Tune Ahead Cap AL Skyline - 4.9g and finished in the same pattern/finish as Tune's previously introduced seatposts (which is finally coming to market).

Tune Linientreu - Believe it or not a newer version of the laser rear derailleur alignment tool. We want!

FSA Stealth Cockpit - Here is something interesting. Have you ever looked at your friends new aero bike and loved the lack of cables? Now you can (seemingly) add that to any bike. To the best of our knowledge, the cables go through the cockpit/stem where it passes through special headset bearing/caps to go straight into your frames TT and DT. Probably highly dependent on frame routing options but loving the fact that this is actually possible.

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